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Turns Wordpress custom menus into responsive-ready menu that comes with foundation framework. code goes into functions.php
0 692 posted 9 years ago by zartgesotten
Search recursive in array
1 461 posted 9 years ago by bigmichiel
A way to check if a static block is enabled/disabled in the backend.
0 549 posted 9 years ago by apani
A fast description of an sql cell with comparison and response.
0 341 posted 9 years ago by cameronjrc
user modding for a forum based gaming website (file used in password protected directory)
0 384 posted 9 years ago by cameronjrc
This simple functions scans the user agent for the word "android" and returns true if found. Useful if there's something you only want android visitors to see (or not see).
0 689 posted 9 years ago by stianlagstad
Validate the credit card number is valid or not
1 630 posted 9 years ago by satinfo30
Automatically link Twitter usernames in WordPress - Paste the code into the functions.php of your theme
0 797 posted 9 years ago by ederwp
This snippet is great for someone creating a wp theme which supports RTL as well as LTR since in enables you to use one function for multiple instances.
0 292 posted 9 years ago by sagive
- Check if any particular customer is currently logged in or not. - Get all the logged in customers with their recent activity. - Courtsey: <a href="http://ka.lpe.sh">http://ka.lpe.sh</a>
0 651 posted 9 years ago by magefreak
filter out by category ID in Magento
0 477 posted 9 years ago by tomle123
append this to switch to different Stores in Magento
0 427 posted 9 years ago by tomle123
In wordpress, if you want to auto convert all URLs in your string into clickable hyperlinks, you can actually do it using the built-in function make_clickable(). If you need to do that outside of wordpress, you can use the same function. Example...
2 1123 posted 9 years ago by fackz
The module allows prestashop store owners to place Facebook comment box under each product / post page where users can post comments using their Facebook ID and this helps in reducing number of spam comments.
0 530 posted 9 years ago by fmemodules
Explanation of the method used here in the URL.
0 292 posted 9 years ago by Omnikron13
This function mimics Photoshop overlay blending by accepting two RGB arrays, one which will be overlayed and one which will overlay. Opacity is optional.
0 445 posted 9 years ago by laurikar
La función del SDKphp de facebook 'notifications' envia una notificación por parte de la aplicación al usuario que quieras (que haya aceptado tu aplicación).
0 464 posted 9 years ago by serialk89
Enables the usage off regions in node.tpl
0 468 posted 9 years ago by apmartins
this is a simple script to take iframe parameters and build an iframe via a shortcode
1 512 posted 9 years ago by bitsculptor
Here's the basic principal behind spiders. (ex: <a href="http://giochiflash.123homepage.it">Giochi Flash</a> $html = file_get_contents('http://www.example.com');
6 2094 posted 9 years ago by haydin
The example here is if you had a form on a website that when submitted, needed to use that information to go to a special URL where the login information was all appeneded to the URL. (ex : <a href="http://giochionline1.123homepage.it"> giochi online...
0 577 posted 9 years ago by haydin
Add this snippet to `wp-config.php` to remove the file editor links from the WordPress admin menus. Read more about... [disabling the WordPress file editor](http://www.orderofbusiness.net/blog/disable-wordpress-file-editor/)
0 434 posted 9 years ago by tacudtap
Get the first char of a lastname in php
0 372 posted 9 years ago by dego89
Validating an email address is one of the hardest feats on the web. A valid email can be marketing gold, but an invalid email address is dead weight. Not only does it require a CPU-taxing PHP regular expression ("/^[A-z0-9\._-]+"."@" . "[A-z0-9][A-...
1 583 posted 9 years ago by mafhh14
This is a combined version of Bill Erickson's hide post editor and rilwis' Metabox include for specific IDs. It hides the editor for a specified post ID. You can have multiple IDs, just separate with commas.
1 512 posted 9 years ago by rickahontas
This snippet shows how to retrieve information from the SEO plugin of Yoast, to be used for front-end use. This snippet is taken from the opensource free Nexus WP framework supporting front-end editing, custom layout and drag & drop.
0 496 posted 9 years ago by barkgj
WordPress, IIS, Permalinks and index.php | Richard Shepherd
0 396 posted 9 years ago by thesmu
This snippet is a lambda function (anonymous function) to create an xml from an array. It uses recursiveness.
1 588 posted 9 years ago by abrahamsustaita
To make a custom link to a downloadable File in Views
0 449 posted 9 years ago by mktimes5
Monster.com Clone v6.3.8 is a ready Job-Portal and the best clone of Monster.com. The script comes packed with tons of essential features.
0 395 posted 9 years ago by iTechScripts
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