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The give link helps you to integrate the Amazon Simple Pay IPN to your web application.
0 418 posted 9 years ago by mafhh14
Validating an email address is one of the hardest feats on the web. A valid email can be marketing gold, but an invalid email address is dead weight. Not only does it require a CPU-taxing PHP regular expression ("/^[A-z0-9\._-]+"."@" . "[A-z0-9][A-...
1 617 posted 10 years ago by mafhh14
0 449 posted 11 years ago by mafhh14
This PHP class can be used to process credit card payments via Cybersource. It can send HTTP requests to Cybersource SOAP Web services API server to perform several types of operations to process credit card payments. Currently it can request...
0 523 posted 11 years ago by mafhh14
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