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Renames all the files in the working directory from given regex pattern, in this case removes a series of digits (e.g. \_0004\_) that Photoshop appends when exporting layers.
1 958 posted 7 years ago by evito
The following script is used to perform batch backup of MSSQL server databases. It also compresses the backups using RAR that should already be installed on the computer. It is easy to use it in Windows Scheduler, in order to arrange daily backups of...
0 750 posted 10 years ago by dimitrisdapontes
activate the developer dashboard
0 587 posted 12 years ago by nickaranz
replace foo -> bar in all .txt files down the tree Dunno why, the syntax highlighter adds \3's to the code. Try plain text.
0 735 posted 13 years ago by jarnaldich
Alternative: Central Administration --> Upgrade and Migration --> Check product and patch installation status
0 637 posted 13 years ago by scholli
I found this today and don't want too lose it. In windows the following command will create a text file named fileListing.txt which will contain a list of all the files in the current directory ( including fileListing.txt )
1 2699 posted 13 years ago by theonlyalterego
I needed to clean up strings with an unpredictable number of spaces interspersed throughout. Powershell's Replace method to the rescue.
1 1584 posted 14 years ago by ericmorin21
First of all, for all Stackoverflow.com members who have seen my question about this snippet on Stackoverflow, yes I am the same person as WebDevhobo. Last time I asked a question about something I posted here I got a bucketload of comments saying I...
1 812 posted 14 years ago by Vordreller
Use this command to delete all the thumbs.db files on your drive.
2 780 posted 15 years ago by sachinbhavsar
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