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Clone any Github user's collection of public repositories
0 10988 posted 4 years ago by rootVIII
Add the code below to change the Home & Site URL that is configured in the database (wp-options table) by WordPress. Whenever you copy/move a site to a new hosting and the URL has changed you can use the code below to fix any strange redirects that m...
0 842 posted 9 years ago by 108Bits
This snippet shows you how to get previous and next post in category URL.
0 882 posted 10 years ago by fedek6
[ Yii Framework ] Use this to redirect to previous page or last request URL
0 815 posted 10 years ago by tucq88
Simple PHP functions to validate url, email address and ip, functions will return TRUE for valid data and FALSE for invalid data.
0 1050 posted 10 years ago by codingforever99
Function enables the reading of url appended variables. See URL for more information.
0 815 posted 10 years ago by gromitski
pass if on url param
0 718 posted 10 years ago by thesmu
Works in SP2013 (and I believe 2010). Provides site collection URL without trailing "/"
0 857 posted 11 years ago by rumremix
Open your function.php of your active Theme. Copy your code insert and call the new Site URL. After delete the code snippet.
0 944 posted 11 years ago by WMSchneider
append this to switch to different Stores in Magento
0 725 posted 11 years ago by tomle123
In wordpress, if you want to auto convert all URLs in your string into clickable hyperlinks, you can actually do it using the built-in function make_clickable(). If you need to do that outside of wordpress, you can use the same function. Example...
2 1841 posted 11 years ago by fackz
If you work with Twitter, you probably use a url shortener such as tinyurl.com or bit.ly to share/post your favorite blog posts or important messages with links on the network. This snippet take your url as a parameter and returns a short url.
0 872 posted 11 years ago by apphp-snippets
**Example of use:** <a href="http://www.php.net/manual/en/index.php"><img src="<?php echo get_favicon('http://www.php.net/manual/en/index.php') ?>" alt="Favicon" title="See PHP documentation" width="16" height="16" /></a>
0 1343 posted 11 years ago by phpdev
This snippets show how to extract the video id of a youtube video from its URL
0 997 posted 11 years ago by slimITTN
Return URL Title. Return URL if any problem.
0 859 posted 11 years ago by goo
thanks to... http://gskinner.com/RegExr/ http://daringfireball.net/2010/07/improved_regex_for_matching_urls
1 2199 posted 11 years ago by brandonjp
This will get you a quick url for a pop up on DNN
0 799 posted 11 years ago by box86rowh
I needed to open a browser window from my small C# app as a result of a dynamic URL build from data received from the command line. This did the trick!
1 1066 posted 11 years ago by Verician
Code from https://snipt.net/geekyjohn/get-url-param/ updated so that most jslint issues are resolved, and updated the return to use a guard condition instead of a separate if statement.
1 1107 posted 11 years ago by pmw57
Get current url. Include domiain. For example :http:// localhost/root_folder.
0 1122 posted 11 years ago by tucq88
simple snippet to open url with an ibaction in safari
0 902 posted 11 years ago by code4mac
0 811 posted 11 years ago by scrapy
//You cannot change the whole url without redirecting, what you can do instead is change the hash. //The hash is the part of the url that goes after the # symbol. //That was initially intended to direct you (locally) to sections of your HTML doc...
0 804 posted 11 years ago by dnnsldr
This function allow you ti have multiple parameters in your query string. Ex : id=12&name=Doe&id=42&nickname=Monster
0 773 posted 12 years ago by MonsterDev
Use this snippet to check if user supplied URL is a valid Youtube URL. Has support for youtu.be shortened URL's too.
1 1055 posted 12 years ago by Morg
This is how you can see likes from a specific url
0 753 posted 12 years ago by DiegoSeC
This snippet pulls down an image from a URL into a byte(). From there you can re-size or save. Don't forget the necessary try - catch.
0 4548 posted 12 years ago by ryanfiorini
Grab the hashtag at the end of the current URL.
0 1037 posted 12 years ago by LadyLoomis
need to get the url from a youtube/vimeo embedded code without the querystring's
0 880 posted 12 years ago by fetz
Check if URL is HTTPS
2 1909 posted 12 years ago by the_construct
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