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This technical tip shows how .NET developers can add line object to an Existing PDF File inside their .NET applications. Aspose.Pdf for .NET supports the feature to add graph objects (for example graph, line, rectangle etc.) to PDF documents. You als...
0 505 posted 4 years ago by sherazam
By Matt Lagrandeur
0 353 posted 6 years ago by tionazo
alternating row color snippet for outputting query results in a html table
1 265 posted 6 years ago by dreamstarter
This code shows how java developers can change color space of PDF document from RGB color to CMYK and vice versa by using Aspose.PDF for Java Library. The following methods have been implemented in the Operator class for changing colors. Use it to ch...
0 416 posted 7 years ago by johansonkatherine
This is way to get different fg and bg colors inside 1 string. You provide escape like characters to define colors. This is a fg of #rRed #xand now we're back to normal. This is a bg of $bBlue#x and now we're back to normal. I can combine fg & b...
0 309 posted 7 years ago by Rick
A simple utility class that will help you convert a color value (from numbers) to hexadecimal color value.
0 332 posted 7 years ago by vamapaull
This function mimics Photoshop overlay blending by accepting two RGB arrays, one which will be overlayed and one which will overlay. Opacity is optional.
0 217 posted 8 years ago by laurikar
A simple CSS3 link-color transition effect. Fades from the base color to the active/focus color and back on rollover. A nice little added effect that's pretty well cross browser. Works with Webkit (Chrome/Safari/etc), Opera, Gecko (Firefox/Seamonkey/...
1 310 posted 8 years ago by bmayzure
Adding alternating row of color to make proc report output easier to read.
0 372 posted 8 years ago by webonomic
Point the script to an image and get its dominant color.
1 434 posted 8 years ago by o0110o
If you want to see some of the color names that SAS recognizes, run the following statements, which will print a list of colors to the SAS log:
0 299 posted 8 years ago by webonomic
Regex code to match hexadecimal colors
0 446 posted 8 years ago by guilhermehn
Random color hex
0 232 posted 9 years ago by pruntrut
OBJC macro to use HEX color values to init UIColor objects
0 265 posted 9 years ago by Gretzki
this code is used to change the scroll bar color change
0 239 posted 9 years ago by satinfo30
Quick method for creating coloured tty in python terminal using 'termcolor' $ pip install termcolor;
0 250 posted 9 years ago by Glycerine
Takes an image (path or url) and extracts the 7 most common colors and returns their hex values.
0 341 posted 9 years ago by kellishaver
<p>Little snippet, which helps to use custom colored selections. All you need is to setup the right style and use this snippet!</p>
0 172 posted 9 years ago by schmizpeter
this function gets a parameter like an hex color (es: "#ffffff"), an abbreviated hex color (es: "#fff"), an rgb color (es: "rgb(255,255,255)") or an rgba color (es: "rgba(255,255,255,1)"), and returns an object containing the rgba values, like { red:...
0 541 posted 9 years ago by claudiowebdesign
0 256 posted 9 years ago by DanielFGray
With this file you can load stylesheets and minify the code while changing colors. The stylesheets are loaded using file_get_contents and you can attach them one after another if you have multiple sheets. The colors are replaces based on a variable t...
0 233 posted 9 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
0 231 posted 9 years ago by nogre
Here you see a example to make your table background color fdifferent at last
0 303 posted 9 years ago by Darksider3
[from the author's website] I wrote this to better understand the relationship between RGB colors. Running it will generate a fairly large HTML file with all sorts of color transitions on it so you can see what is happening as colors are tweaked in...
0 227 posted 9 years ago by magicrebirth
Use this code to change the default highlight color for a cell in excel 2007. Right click on the sheet name and click view code, Paste this code into the module that comes up.
0 231 posted 10 years ago by aianrnoens
Ported to PHP from here: http://snipplr.com/view/48067/ (original: http://paulirish.com/2009/random-hex-color-code-snippets/)
2 271 posted 10 years ago by ozke
Full credit for this class goes to Deva Raj (@nsdevaraj). Many thanks.
1 306 posted 10 years ago by adrianparr
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