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  1. FAV

    Page Structure in HTML5

    This example is a basic HTML5 page structure that you can use for developing of your HTML5 website layout.
    Haskell 14 views posted 6 years ago by apphp-snippets
  2. FAV

    Simultaneous filter and map

    The `filtermap` functional below allows to perform the standard `map` and `filter` operations in one go. The mapping function has to return a `Maybe` monad, and values of `Nothing` are filtered out.
    Haskell 23 views posted 8 years ago by deepsoul
  3. FAV

    Simple Broadcatcher in Haskell/HSH

    HSH is a cool haskell library that allows you to leverage your shell scripting prowess in haskell programs. In this simple broadcatcher, I use curl for http get, and other standard unix tools for tracking history (so we don't get the same file twice...
    Haskell saved by 16 people 9 views posted 10 years ago by softmechanics
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