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RFC 5322 compliant regex
1 911 posted 5 years ago by cyrilfr
* Usefull as shell command and everyting else `get-ip='egrep -o "[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}"'` `get-ipport='egrep -o "[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}[0-9 :]+" | sed -e "s/ //g"'`
0 740 posted 7 years ago by dbiesecke
Regular Expression to find native Javascript console and AngularJS $log log warn or info that are NOT comments / commented out
1 937 posted 8 years ago by brandonjp
Leading and Trailing Whitespace
0 2409 posted 10 years ago by Pavonz
Removes any lines from the file that don't start with "ERROR"
1 669 posted 11 years ago by gamerzfuse
It removes all standard C-style comments(/* 1-n */) and all single line comments("//"). Greedy matching.
0 909 posted 11 years ago by XtreamIT
thanks to... http://gskinner.com/RegExr/ http://daringfireball.net/2010/07/improved_regex_for_matching_urls
1 2080 posted 11 years ago by brandonjp
Regex code to match hexadecimal colors
0 1405 posted 11 years ago by guilhermehn
Requirement from work was to refactor an 8000 line if elseif code block to select case syntax. Not a manual task, even for a 1984 olympics button bashing champ. note, id is the test variable here, as in elseif (id ="test") then ...
0 728 posted 12 years ago by pflangan
This regex captures non-printing characters (specifically those found when copying text from Photoshop). It's not fully tested, but it worked for me when I needed it. I will add to it as necessary.
0 680 posted 12 years ago by oobleck
Here is a common Regex I use to remove all blank lines in a file using VIM
0 739 posted 12 years ago by jasonpottergmailcom
Ridiculously comprehensive date validation regex - matches dd/mm/yyyy or dd/mm/yy. Also correctly matches number of days in months. ie. it won't match 30th Feb...
0 778 posted 12 years ago by shodan_uk
Matches text between each pair of asterisks (see URL above for demo) **Example:** Make text between asterisks bold, like in Textile (in Ruby): `test.gsub(/(\*)+([^.*?$]+)+(\*)/, '<strong>\\2</strong>')`
0 1229 posted 13 years ago by inko9nito
I\'m trying to find an expression to match a whole sentence. So really the pattern is the regex of the subject.
1 930 posted 13 years ago by thefrosty
As an example – will find and replace all `<b>` elements with `<strong>`
0 1069 posted 13 years ago by jayphen
Use this regex search in Dreamweaver's find/replace to remove any html tag attributes
1 1803 posted 13 years ago by bjornredemption
1 687 posted 13 years ago by darronz
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