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How to set the PHP maximum execution time and script memory limit in an .htaccess file
0 866 posted 9 months ago by cerxx
Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in Apache
0 629 posted 10 months ago by cerxx
There is a domain: domain.ru There are subdomains subdomain.domain.ru and forum.domain.ru domain.ru is configured as a host and is located in the folder ... / www / domain / Subdomains are aliases of the main domain - i.e. lead to the same folder...
0 135 posted 1 year ago by cerxx
This .htaccess actually forces all traffic to https, and allows cakephp app to work properly, as well as letsencrypt to go thru
0 170 posted 2 years ago by acosonic
Removing extensions and trailing slashes in web urls: "If you want to remove the .html extension from a html file for example yoursite.com/wallpaper.html to yoursite.com/wallpaper you simply have to alter the last line from the code above to match...
0 181 posted 4 years ago by jefferis
This rewrite will not work on WordPress. It forces .htm and .html files that no longer exist to go to the new .php versions of the pages.
0 205 posted 4 years ago by jefferis
Sometimes you don't want robots snooping around certain files. Here's one example of a custom configuration.
0 111 posted 5 years ago by chrisaiv
These are performance tricks to improve your Wordpress application.
0 118 posted 5 years ago by chrisaiv
Redirect all users to access the site WITHOUT the 'www.' prefix
0 109 posted 6 years ago by graceman9
Hiding index.php from url
0 106 posted 7 years ago by codesnip
To fix the issue with localhost under Windows 8 giving a 403 error (but working for I did the following:
0 161 posted 7 years ago by rickygri
The idea is to use this piece of code inside a virtualhost block
0 133 posted 7 years ago by therobot
This redirect is domain independent.
0 92 posted 7 years ago by abwaters
In my WP networks, I use a custom 404 page and plugin to answer calls asking for user information from a custom api. The API requires a URL format like this: domain.com/username/ However, users don't ever type a trailing slash, nor should they, so...
0 177 posted 7 years ago by lucasoptura
Removing index.php to url. e.g. www.yourwebsite.com/index.php -> www.yourwebsite.com/
0 83 posted 7 years ago by zwebapp
0 144 posted 8 years ago by wiryanm
The below code lets you stop access from the remote IPs excluding your local machine IP. This code can be setup where someone wants to provide an internal access and restricting the external access for the web service. - [Automated Predictive Dial...
0 173 posted 8 years ago by aruldave
How to remove trailing slashes in URL's using .htaccess.
0 114 posted 8 years ago by palimadra
stop bandwidth theft!
1 120 posted 8 years ago by ederfortunatO
Domain ambiguous way of forcing www with htaccess
0 127 posted 8 years ago by klovera
Eine komplette Website mit Linkstruktur auf eine neue Domain weiterleiten
0 105 posted 8 years ago by Perun
This is an .htaccess file for a mod_rewrite php url handler.
0 119 posted 8 years ago by ghost2109
.htaccess snippets to optimize your website in many ways: Redirections, performances, ease of use
2 138 posted 8 years ago by macodev
Reduce spam on WP installations (comment spam); this snippet does not look for https referers.
0 167 posted 8 years ago by no4h
Rewrites url to appear like the additional domain appears independently hosted, however, only appropriate for a temporary web page as other pages throw an error.
0 90 posted 8 years ago by hotdiggity
This snippet will stop people from snooping in your Apache directories. This is useful if you have directories containing files, but no index HTML/PHP document.
1 110 posted 8 years ago by f6design
1 97 posted 8 years ago by czachor
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