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Bulk upload a CSV into Microsoft SQL Server
0 201 posted 7 years ago by dego89
Get the first char of a lastname in php
0 196 posted 8 years ago by dego89
Ektron smartform data contains a xml nodelist which I put in a data table and parse out into an html table
0 314 posted 8 years ago by dego89
The following code retrieves a list of content based on a taxonomy id. The list is bound to a repeater that display a preview of the content with a quick link to a content page. The content comes in based on the previous taxonomy id but exposes a con...
0 273 posted 8 years ago by dego89
Shell script written in bash which displays a menu giving the you ability to add, edit, modify, and delete users.
1 807 posted 8 years ago by dego89
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