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I simple find to validate a user email address.
0 356 posted 6 years ago by dreamstarter
A simple find function on an email string to identify of the string is a correctly formatted email address.
1 362 posted 7 years ago by dreamstarter
alternating row color snippet for outputting query results in a html table
1 324 posted 7 years ago by dreamstarter
coldfusion snippet to output a query recordset into multiple columns
1 452 posted 7 years ago by dreamstarter
Accessing the 37signals product Highrise API requires HTTPS. I initially had problems with this (seemingly the certificate authority) from ColdFusion initially. Found the solution by tapping into the underlying Java layer to manage the providers.
0 294 posted 10 years ago by parkerkrhoyt
Parsing an RSS date/time value (as a string) into a date/time object in ColdFusion. And more additional text.
0 377 posted 10 years ago by parkerkrhoyt
0 309 posted 11 years ago by ChrisCantley
This redirects visitors to a new URL using a 301 redirect. Using a 301 redirect is the safest way to let search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Live and Ask know your address has changed.
0 310 posted 14 years ago by jonhenshaw
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