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  1. FAV

    AutoHotKey | Excel Duplicate current row

    `^!d::` hot key is customizable. `+ ^c^+{+}` is "Shift space ; Ctrl C; Ctrl shift +", stands for "select row; copy; insert". `{Esc}{Down}{Up}` stands for "leave current copy selection; go down then up (to bring back the selection from the whole...
    AutoIt 7 views posted 6 years ago by Ginko
  2. FAV

    AutoHotKey function to activate a window

    Call this function to activate a named window.
    AutoIt 8 views posted 6 years ago by deanhouseholder
  3. FAV

    Quickly lock your PC and turn off the screen

    This is a AutoHotKey.com script. It runs on Windows and allows you to lock your computer by simply hitting a single key combination and unlock it with a different one. Download the whole script at the url listed.
    AutoIt 12 views posted 6 years ago by deanhouseholder
  4. FAV

    Switch Windows 7 Audio Device with AutoHotkey (Second Device)

    Be sure to change all Audio references to the corresponding window title in your language. This script switch the default audio device in Windows 7 to the second audio device, in my case the Headphones. You can add one or more Send, {Down} statements...
    AutoIt saved by 1 person 11 views posted 9 years ago by harrison3001
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