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Filters a dynamics CRM 2011 subgrid...implementation example included at bottom
0 580 posted 6 years ago by skinnymoore
Sort & query arrays in PHP. Sort multi dimensional arrays by object properties and filter the array by specific criteria. Documentation: https://github.com/mattnicholson/DataList
1 664 posted 7 years ago by mattnicholson
have to change this snippet in order to hide filtered rows. Not tried out yet, but works fine in the jsfiddle
0 610 posted 7 years ago by bboydflo
a simple solution that illustrates a very practical usage of java filters, in this example we try to block any Ddos attack, spam access and route clients or visitors to there corresponding pages. note: please test before use, then use at your own ri...
0 1116 posted 8 years ago by prgrmmraben
How to obtain all the commits that occurred between two dates
0 604 posted 9 years ago by satie83
filter out by category ID in Magento
0 452 posted 9 years ago by tomle123
Find an object in a collection with underscore. Using the filter function from underscore.
0 377 posted 9 years ago by alexedy
this is how to instantiate a dropdown shadow using js code, works in IE10 and windows store apps. Important for when you want use templates.
0 754 posted 9 years ago by Syllogism
Example of filtering by using case
0 479 posted 10 years ago by ef
Enter any suspicious IP address that you wanted to check into the form field and press the "LOOKUP" button
1 1584 posted 10 years ago by DNSBL
Requires filter added in ECP 2.1
2 430 posted 10 years ago by nciske
Shows usage of the Python filter() function
0 564 posted 10 years ago by andrewjsledge
Add current class to single posts in Wordpres wp_nav_menu by adding a filter
0 584 posted 10 years ago by inflightatnight
The `filtermap` functional below allows to perform the standard `map` and `filter` operations in one go. The mapping function has to return a `Maybe` monad, and values of `Nothing` are filtered out.
0 927 posted 10 years ago by deepsoul
Allows you to change the name of the "Posts" module within the admin section of WordPress.
0 360 posted 11 years ago by jamiebrwr
All credit for this goes to Rob at calypso88.
0 505 posted 11 years ago by adrianparr
0 351 posted 11 years ago by ddabney
credit: http://www.west-wind.com/weblog/posts/519980.aspx
1 432 posted 11 years ago by crypticsoft
0 516 posted 11 years ago by metoikos
Simple function that filters out any duplicate items in an array.
7 924 posted 11 years ago by Nettuts
This code war written for a project I'm working on where a map of the world may need to be offset to center the view on specific areas. I'm also using it as a part of an iterative blur function to prevent seams from the blur operation. I would lik...
0 415 posted 11 years ago by Jamie
By using this snippet we can recover fields from a database by filtering these ones per a specific field.
1 458 posted 11 years ago by juanchifc
check the original blogpost for more how-to examples
0 507 posted 12 years ago by magicrebirth
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