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This is used to validate a date in a specific format. The code example is to validate whether it is a valid dd/MM/yyyy Date Format.
1 12654 posted 2 years ago by jlustre
Always gives me perfect date. Sample Output Current Day is: 1 Current Month is: 2 Current Year is: 2020 Current Hour is: 17 Current Minute is: 3 Current Second is: 8 Current Microsecond is: 556483
2 9522 posted 2 years ago by johnwalsh1
How to list files, with details, in an excel sheet
0 745 posted 3 years ago by martinbrait
How to use date pop-up calendar in custom drupal form
0 727 posted 6 years ago by guruparthi
This snippet adds credit card select box dropdown values 10 years in future from current year.
0 831 posted 6 years ago by acosonic
Created as reply to question on ittoolbox.com:"Need your help in writing a query to pull audit history i.e. Last updated by a user 'XYZ' and for the same record key (ID) the second last record in the audit history table. i.e. Last update by this user...
0 637 posted 7 years ago by bvwatson
Permet de préremplir des champs avec le premier et le dernier jour du mois courant au format jj/mm/aaaa
0 718 posted 8 years ago by Igeco
Nice script for formatting dates in a batch file without having the system locale settings impact your format
0 708 posted 8 years ago by kidmizere
You could use this snippet as an Umbraco XSLT Extension to be able to get releasedate from the Umbraco post in XSLT.
0 613 posted 8 years ago by Reiff
Format a mysql datetime into a PHP date
0 563 posted 8 years ago by flatearthcomms
Examine a date and return false if it's in the past, or true for the future. Slightly more complicated than it needs to be, however there's an easy tutorial with full explanation if you follow the attached link.
0 964 posted 9 years ago by gromitski
Calculates the time in hh:mm:ss between two dates Usage: var past = new Date('1/1/2013'); var now = new Date(); var lapsed = past.lapsed(now);
0 438 posted 9 years ago by camdagr8
Simple PHP functions to validate username, password and date, functions check the input format and allowed characters and then return TRUE for valid data and FALSE for invalid data.
0 2367 posted 9 years ago by codingforever99
Todays dates are shown as hh:mm, dates from yesterday and earlier as dd mmm. This can be useful, since recent dates are showing more details
0 669 posted 9 years ago by lakkie
I don't really know how other people do this kind of thing, but this was my take.
0 548 posted 9 years ago by domramirez
Takes one or two PHP timestamps, and returns a somewhat humanized string representing the date range * Jun 7th, 2013 * Jun 7th-11th, 2013 * Jun 7th-Jul 3rd, 2013 * Jun 7th, 2013-Jan 1st, 2013
0 510 posted 9 years ago by vodou
Como añadir el formator para dd/mm/yyyy + hora
0 669 posted 9 years ago by keidash
Javascript which converts a Date object into an ISO 8601 formatted string - 'YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.sssZ' - with a fallback for when the function 'toISOString' doesn't exist (e.g. IE 8 or less). Usage: var now = new Date; console.log(now.toISOStrin...
0 1011 posted 10 years ago by davidwaterston
Often on a page footer, we want a copyright date range starting with the year the website was launched and ending the current year. Doing this dynamically means no need to update on 1/1 every year. The js snippet below uses the server date to accompl...
0 581 posted 10 years ago by rumremix
PHP script calculating the age of a customer coming from a webEdition field of the customer management.
0 503 posted 10 years ago by steho
Get Wordpress wp_get_archives for a specific category... by default it sghows all categorys
0 944 posted 10 years ago by i-am-andy
Javascript Basic Date Formatter
0 1162 posted 10 years ago by samsonl
0 692 posted 10 years ago by mlecho
A simple function for converting a php timestamp (integer) to a user frindly format. Examples: 10 Seconds ago, 4 Days ago. The function converts timestamp to U.F. format only if the timestamp is earlyer than one week. Otherwise it uses $dateFormat ar...
0 804 posted 10 years ago by TimoZachi
This is a batch file that will add the date to the end of all files in a particular directory located on the user's desktop and place them in a directory called Output_Renamed on the user's desktop.
2 709 posted 10 years ago by _reydin_
This will check the date and if it is not a valid date then it will increment the month and reset the day back to one.
1 486 posted 10 years ago by _reydin_
Example calculate yesterday, but if you multiply by some number you can get in an easy way, weeks, months or years
0 605 posted 10 years ago by satie83
This is the list of [supported timzones](http://php.net/manual/timezones.php) that can be used with the [PHP5 DateTime](http://php.net/manual/class.datetime.php) class, grouped by geographical continent (rather than PHP's America/..., Asia/... etc id...
0 494 posted 10 years ago by ch1902
Just a few quick functions to display the date in PHP.
0 636 posted 10 years ago by jknight42
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