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Hello Guys, This short ASP.NET code snippet is intended to provide you a brief review on how to add SMS functionality to your website. You will see, this is a very simple but smart solution. This ASP.NET application is able to send messages by usi...
0 143 posted 5 years ago by Gupta86
Hey Guys, This is a short and straightforward article (or let’s say „tip” or „mini-review”) that presents how to send SMS messages from your own C++ (Cpp / C plus plus) application through HTTP. You will see, it is gonna be really easy....
0 208 posted 5 years ago by Gupta86
Make a simple XHR Request: get(url, function(resp)(){ window.alert(resp); }); Source is minified.
0 81 posted 5 years ago by geneticcode
A pretty simple example, that always replies 'Hello World!!' to the browser. The raw ROUTER socket is listening on tcp port 8080, so any browser that sends a request on port 8080 of localhost, will get back the response. The internal NanoMsg communic...
0 83 posted 6 years ago by my-classes
Write request data to a log file
0 141 posted 6 years ago by dmertl
A simple http server, from java JDK.
0 109 posted 7 years ago by alexedy
Allows to perform PHP redirection (must be placed before any browser output).
0 68 posted 7 years ago by apphp-snippets
thanks to... http://gskinner.com/RegExr/ http://daringfireball.net/2010/07/improved_regex_for_matching_urls
1 236 posted 7 years ago by brandonjp
HTTP headers to disable caching.
1 89 posted 8 years ago by ryantxr
This 'Check if HTTPS is on in PHP' script accounts for servers which set HTTPS differently. Some servers do not set HTTPS, others set it to 'off', etc. Only checking if HTTPS is on will cause an 'undefined index error' in these cases.
0 93 posted 8 years ago by kf0l
Downloads contents as a byte array or string, depending on need.
0 102 posted 8 years ago by dkirkland
Rrewrite "www.domain.com -> domain.com" and viceversa
1 80 posted 8 years ago by macodev
It seems that Starbucks allows it's internal systems to share the same network as their free WiFi...
0 71 posted 8 years ago by s3xym4n
This snippet will send an HTTP POST from an Arduino using the WiFly library. The library is in early alpha, and is a port from the ethernet shield library. The code here should work with either. The critical part is the size of the data to send, a...
0 152 posted 8 years ago by parkerkrhoyt
A very simple HTTP Server written in Python out of boredom. USAGE : 1 . Create a htdocs folder in the directory of this script 2 . create an index.html file and you are good to go. This works with multiple pages however index.html is...
0 83 posted 9 years ago by Affix
takes a url and appends http to it if http is not present
0 78 posted 9 years ago by vonlof
1 93 posted 9 years ago by mfigge
Feel free to use this class however you'd like
0 99 posted 9 years ago by jschilling
Proper way of loading libs such as jQuery from Google's CDN. Place these JavaScripts at the bottom for fast page loading. To target different versions, you can be more specific if you want; eg. /1.4/ or even /1.4.4/. (NOTE: you may either use http...
0 147 posted 9 years ago by hced
1 58 posted 9 years ago by ddavidd
Required libraries: http://hc.apache.org/downloads.cgi
0 60 posted 9 years ago by cha0s
Quick and easy way to determine if the HTTP request is an AJAX call or a standard call. Supports the notion of Unobtrusive JavaScript.
3 136 posted 9 years ago by joshuascott94
1 85 posted 9 years ago by 3k-
0 64 posted 9 years ago by viatropos
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