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Problem You want to recursively change all of the file permissions only on folders & subfolders in a directory, but not the files (or vice-versa: you want to change the permissions on files only, not folders).
0 798 posted 10 years ago by nkm
The space after the caret in the grep command is produced by typing Ctrl-V and then Tab, to insert a Tab character.
0 686 posted 13 years ago by nkm
PCRE that matches any kind of YouTube URL and catches its video ID. It supports three kinds of URL: the classic (?v=), the AJAXed one (#!v=) and the short version (youtu.be). It also supports international URLs. Tested with Javascript and PHP.
1 1482 posted 14 years ago by nkm
here's a script, mod_files.sh, in ext/session for creating directory tree with depth X for sessions. As it stands, it's pretty poorly documented and very basic. I * got exceptionally bored and rewrote most of it, the patch is attached. It runs...
0 935 posted 14 years ago by nkm
The instructions for Snow Leopard are in the comments
0 576 posted 14 years ago by nkm
1 586 posted 14 years ago by nkm
It's not 100% accurate, but works fine for people under 1.480.
2 933 posted 14 years ago by nkm
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