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A simple class to cache files (or other results) with PHP.
1 623 posted 10 years ago by peckham
This function validates the URL of a YouTube video. It supports four kinds of URL: ?v=, /v/, #!v=, and the short version ( To validate the ID a request to YouTube is made, this is done using a personal class utilizing cURL.
0 549 posted 11 years ago by peckham
This function can be used to validate an URL
0 491 posted 11 years ago by peckham
The option elements in the original select may provide an image and a second line of text by using a data-img and a data-info attribute.
7 865 posted 11 years ago by peckham
This example shows how enableEditing can be emulated in version 3 of the Google Maps API. \\r\\nWhen releasing an editable point after dragging it, the changed part of the polyline will be updated.\\r\\nPoints can be added to by clicking on the map a...
0 1583 posted 12 years ago by peckham
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