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With this snippet you will have the ability to deliver the most recent version of any file. When dealing with a browser's cache you can't be certain your viewers are getting the most recent copy. By appending a GET value (the UNIX timestamp) to, f...
0 3454 posted 2 years ago by daemondevin
Clear buffer cache on GNU/Linux systems
0 492 posted 5 years ago by rm1984
# Slick.php PHP full page cache with Cloudflare-style page rules. No DNS changes required, just upload the PHP file, configure and then include from your main application controller (e.g. index.php
0 608 posted 5 years ago by mattnicholson
This is a little code snippet that I use in almost every project that isn’t based on a popular CMS. Since its fairly expensive to hit the database on every page load, its a smart idea to cache the plain HTML markup of your page and serve that up. Y...
0 421 posted 6 years ago by a1ias
caching session variables in Mysql using memory engine for fast client response. note: please test before use, then use at your own risk.
0 551 posted 7 years ago by prgrmmraben
Add the following parameter to any file URL & it will be unique each time, preventing the cached version from showing
0 397 posted 8 years ago by makbeta
More info: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10908562/is-there-something-similar-to-window-load-for-executing-a-function-after
0 447 posted 8 years ago by rickygri
A simple class to cache files (or other results) with PHP.
1 495 posted 9 years ago by peckham
Snippet to show a simple use of the transient API when querying posts.
0 356 posted 9 years ago by Mat_
HTTP headers to disable caching.
1 401 posted 9 years ago by ryantxr
This is a base function to use with Joomla! to display the view using the Joomla cache system.
0 423 posted 9 years ago by kevincam
Retrieve remote image from an URL and store it locally. Use this class for managing offline mode.
2 628 posted 10 years ago by spawnrider
Simplepie per default uses relative paths to generate the cache filename. Whenever I use Simplepie I run into the same problem, that the cache directory can't be located. This is why I modify the file everytime. Here's my version (with a hardcoded p...
0 411 posted 10 years ago by iroybot
1 378 posted 10 years ago by czachor
0 412 posted 10 years ago by Abe
0 380 posted 10 years ago by szpunk
0 369 posted 10 years ago by justinscheetz
0 353 posted 10 years ago by rod
Inspired: http://evan-roth.com/personal-internet-cache-archive/ In the "style=" you can adjust the "height: ??px" according to the quantity of items in your cache.
0 331 posted 10 years ago by valessiobrito
Cache the results of your wordpress database queries for faster page generation
0 385 posted 10 years ago by prwhitehead
Basically, if the value has already been requested once before it's returned immediately from the cache. Otherwise, an AJAX request fetches the data and adds it to the cache. The $.when/.then doesn't care about any of this; all you need to be concern...
0 393 posted 10 years ago by crypticsoft
returns the number of seconds since 1 jan 1970 This is useful for generating a number in a url to stop a page from caching
1 376 posted 10 years ago by samwa
1 418 posted 10 years ago by mfigge
Cache control when pulling in scripts, redefined "getScript" function
0 380 posted 10 years ago by lamebollock
write into localconf.php
0 376 posted 11 years ago by troi
I use the following code to prevent a user from getting a "webpage expired" message when hitting the back button on a page where the search results are also on the page with the form.
0 376 posted 11 years ago by bradless
Simple manager that loads display objects via single method call and caches loaded objects
0 431 posted 11 years ago by kuril
Donwloads weren't working with https + ie6/ie7. This line solves the problem (order is important, **no-store** must be first).
0 321 posted 11 years ago by ashsa
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