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Add class .green to class .payment-container and make it flash every 3 seconds
0 662 posted 8 years ago by envane21
Add page name slug to Wordpress body class array.
0 688 posted 9 years ago by razvanstavila
I created this code for practice, and I looking for better and clear solution for the last instance where I can write or delete the data, but after I want to get back the content as array or the key as string. I want to use this write-read back with...
0 699 posted 9 years ago by gitarfogas
Class member encapsulation in JavaScript is very important thing and may be implemented with easy. To define private property or method just use var before the definition or this., if you need to give a public access to property or method.
0 682 posted 9 years ago by apphp-snippets
Für functions.php
1 662 posted 10 years ago by gabbo
0 631 posted 10 years ago by larscmagnusson
Generate numbered classes and apply variable mixins. Base from [http://blog.thehippo.de/2012/04/programming/do-a-loop-with-less-css/](http://blog.thehippo.de/2012/04/programming/do-a-loop-with-less-css/)
0 653 posted 10 years ago by BuschFunker
how to disable mx ping with emailChecker class
0 585 posted 10 years ago by jspicher
consider currentregion as a 'datarange' custom class
1 581 posted 10 years ago by lolrenx
This is a very basic wrapper for querySelectorAll. Just add prototypes and whatever else you need.
1 563 posted 10 years ago by o0110o
A complete example of how we can create a Preloader in actionscript3 to load an external .swf file. STRUCTURE ------------------ Source Swf |_ Main.fla |_ Main.as |_ Main.swf Preloader Swf |_
0 812 posted 10 years ago by jquery404
This is a Class that allows you create a letter with correct headers and send it to multi-emails.
0 640 posted 11 years ago by Zayac
This is a static session wrapper that handles single variables and arrays. It allows setting, resetting, and deleting session variables (without destroying the session). It regenerates the session id every time a session is started to prevent sessi...
0 624 posted 11 years ago by halk
https://gist.github.com/4098493 (examples of use below the class code) This class allows you to load a file of snippets that are really mini-templates copy them from your repository fill the token slots in them the with your data and render them as...
0 695 posted 11 years ago by halk
Simple Class Connection for use in C# Code. Methods: - ReturnDataTable(string strQueryCommand) - ReturnDataSet(string strQueryCommand) - ExecuteQuery(string strQueryCommand) - ReturnDataReader(string strQueryCommand)
1 668 posted 11 years ago by rodrigoallves
A function to upload an image to the media library and set it as featured image of a post. It requires 2 params. The name of the upload field and of course the post ID. This function is part of the WPelements library class available on Github. Fee...
0 884 posted 11 years ago by krike
jsHint happy class template for javascript
1 682 posted 11 years ago by XtreamIT
Example of how to build and call a class or object
0 782 posted 11 years ago by kutyadog
A simple class to cache files (or other results) with PHP.
1 762 posted 11 years ago by peckham
Standard hasClass, addClass, and removeClass functions. - reworked so that jsLint is happy about them - removeClass function trims things after removing a class name - tests help to ensure that all common use-cases are covered
2 934 posted 11 years ago by pmw57
Class that convert arrays to csv format, downloads CSV files and saves to disk on server.
0 738 posted 11 years ago by TimoZachi
Gets the constants from a class using reflection.
0 774 posted 11 years ago by ryantxr
Credit goes to Bruno Imbrizi.
0 820 posted 11 years ago by adrianparr
Element.prototype functions to manipulate element classes.
1 527 posted 11 years ago by ChristianOttinger
At line 220 you should see the the start if an if block. This is the section that needs to be edited. I added the foreach block to itterate over the data array and create links in the table cells.
0 629 posted 11 years ago by jdhall75
Abstract class from which other classes can be derived to handle database access and data retrieval. Constants for database connection (DB_DSN, DB_USERNAME, etc.) must be set in another php file (eg. config.php)
1 628 posted 11 years ago by osccar
Add the "no-js" class to your topmost html element, so you can use CSS to style JavaScript-free pages. This snippet will then replace that tag with "js", allowing you to style pages with JavaScript. The excellent [HTML5 Boilerplate](http://html5bo...
0 1801 posted 11 years ago by EvanHahn
use an object as an array
0 716 posted 11 years ago by prwhitehead
a handy class to manage facebook connections using as3
0 831 posted 11 years ago by Matias
A class i started to implement, which ended up in a working concept However I'm not sure if it's a legal way of programming since I unnessesery changes the structure of php without some real value except nicer structure For now it remain a conce...
0 625 posted 11 years ago by Knarf
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