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This snippet will send an HTTP POST from an Arduino using the WiFly library. The library is in early alpha, and is a port from the ethernet shield library. The code here should work with either. The critical part is the size of the data to send, a...
0 869 posted 12 years ago by parkerkrhoyt
Accessing the 37signals product Highrise API requires HTTPS. I initially had problems with this (seemingly the certificate authority) from ColdFusion initially. Found the solution by tapping into the underlying Java layer to manage the providers.
0 638 posted 13 years ago by parkerkrhoyt
This function will interpolate the points on a line. When tracking mouse movements, not every point is captured. This is especially true the faster the mouse moves. This function will allow you to fill in the gap of points between two recorded pos...
0 1264 posted 13 years ago by parkerkrhoyt
Parsing an RSS date/time value (as a string) into a date/time object in ColdFusion. And more additional text.
0 864 posted 13 years ago by parkerkrhoyt
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