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Class that convert arrays to csv format, downloads CSV files and saves to disk on server.
0 545 posted 9 years ago by TimoZachi
Function to prevent sql injection in Like queries, where the characters '_' and '%' can be dangerous.
0 573 posted 10 years ago by TimoZachi
A simple function for converting a php timestamp (integer) to a user frindly format. Examples: 10 Seconds ago, 4 Days ago. The function converts timestamp to U.F. format only if the timestamp is earlyer than one week. Otherwise it uses $dateFormat ar...
0 705 posted 10 years ago by TimoZachi
This is a function that receives a string as an argument (along with other config optional arguments) and locates all keywords (words that appear most) from that string, returning the keywords as an array or as a string separated by commas. The funct...
2 1833 posted 10 years ago by TimoZachi
A custom class for formatting dates, similar to PHP bult-in function "date". The class also has some other date utils functions, like: dayOfYear, numberOfDaysInMonth, etc..
1 593 posted 10 years ago by TimoZachi
This is a custom class for caching results through php's session. The class can be used to cache anything, but i use it to cache mysql results so i don't have to get all the time the results by querying MySQL (wich may take a long time, especialy if...
0 615 posted 10 years ago by TimoZachi
A function that resizes an image to desired width and height, but does not distort the image proportions. Works for JPEG, GIF and PNG.
0 565 posted 10 years ago by TimoZachi
This code snippet gets all information from a YouTube video (title, description, duration, thumbnail url, thumbnail width, thumbnail height, etc..) using the video id and YouTube API.
0 1185 posted 10 years ago by TimoZachi
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