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Quite useful snippet to log all events triggering occuring in your app. Because it uses event.global array, it logs custom events as well as native ones For developpement use only, disable it before migrating to production environement.
1 63 posted 8 years ago by mandawan
Simply changes the name attribute on input elements when the page is loaded.
0 109 posted 8 years ago by stevielamb83
How does it work? This code checks/unchecks all checkboxes within the same fieldset. Simple and semantic. HTML Setup Add checkboxes however you like, just make sure they are within the same fieldset. <fieldset> <!--> <div><input>...
1 105 posted 8 years ago by dnnsldr
Here’s a handy bit of code that I use quite regularly, its particularly useful if your getting a response message from a form to notify the user that there data was sent, or comunicate an error and you want to fade the message out after a set time.
1 145 posted 8 years ago by dnnsldr
//This will grab taxonomies three levels deep (parent, child, grandchild) and display them //in an accordion fashion. Parent is the header, then child with a checkbox, if checked, will //display grandchild taxonomies. //Uses jQuery Accordion (do...
0 126 posted 8 years ago by dnnsldr
Load jQuery and tell every div to be 100% width
0 575 posted 8 years ago by cmndo
Another popup jQuery plugin implementation complying with YAGNI.
0 159 posted 8 years ago by p-baleine
If someone put text into an input field (or automatic e.g. with a 2d barcode scanner) and you want to replace a part of the input (pattern) then will help this small jquery code snippet.
0 182 posted 8 years ago by bassdas
This send any value via POST to a PHP page. It is done with AJAX, so the POST return can be used on the same page as the submit
0 200 posted 8 years ago by rickygri
obviously one can access HTML5's data attribute super easy in jQuery
0 150 posted 8 years ago by iroybot
Used to automatically give feedback on email address validity.
0 125 posted 8 years ago by boondoklife
Load latest version of jQuery from Google Libraries API and de-register Wordpress version
0 166 posted 8 years ago by i-am-andy
wild scope on genuineBottom...
1 86 posted 8 years ago by tnntwister
Adds a method to the jQuery Validation plugin (http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-validation/) to return false if the field equals a specified string
0 237 posted 8 years ago by StevenW721
This is some code that creates an effect for jQuery Cycle to scroll up when you click the down button and down when you click the up button - like a scrollbar.
0 139 posted 8 years ago by JoshChris
Allows the ability to fill City and State fields in CRM 2011 based on the value of a Zip Code field (and optionally Country). Requires JQuery and JSON Uses Yahoo geocode service Originally written by Bill Caldwell ( http://dynamicscrmdenver...
1 191 posted 8 years ago by evshell18
This is a pretty standard jQuery method to listen for the enter key and simply "click" the button. However, if you are using a LinkButton this code will not work. The reason for this is that a LinkButton is rendered to the browser as an Anchor tag...
0 101 posted 8 years ago by weldonr30
A complete lightbox with minimal code and full functionality: close button, close on escape keypress, close on lightbox blur event.
1 94 posted 8 years ago by mortu
Use this no-conflict wrapper instead of the default ready function in JQuery to initialize scripts in your Drupal 7 theme
0 140 posted 8 years ago by chasecrawford
How to dynamically generate combo box contents depending on the selection made by a user on earlier combo box.
0 138 posted 8 years ago by BlackSheep
Chequea todos los checkbox con un mismo nombre desde uno aparte que tiene como ID "checkeverythink_btn"
0 103 posted 8 years ago by serialk89
None of the html5 skeletons I found had everything I wanted. The only HTML5 element here is the doctype.
1 131 posted 8 years ago by ryantxr
The following code snippet will highlight the row in a table when the checkbox is checked. It will remove the highlight when the checkbox is unchecked. This will work for basic <table> as well as a GridView. The "input:not(#selectAll)" will ignore...
0 179 posted 8 years ago by mattvbiggs
Annoyed by Please enter a valid phone number. For example (123) 456-7890 or 123-456-7890. in admin? Here's the trick. Copy over your default/default/template/customer/tab/addresses.phtml to your default/your-template/template/customer/tab/address.ph...
1 114 posted 8 years ago by cpres
Simply set the id in the content, and use a hash in the anchor to scroll to it.
0 102 posted 8 years ago by thewickedchemist
jQuery shorten content inside container.
0 83 posted 8 years ago by praveensewak
This is just a quick and simple lazy way to do this, didn't feel like using a plug-in for something that is only used on one page...
0 107 posted 8 years ago by thewickedchemist
Extend jQuery :selector types Ex: $("input:text") $("input:email")
1 108 posted 8 years ago by inreflection7
Colorize Portions Of String
0 81 posted 8 years ago by StrawMan
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