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Too many revisions taking up space in your database? Use this script to find which posts have more than 10 - and then you can figure out what to do with them.
0 691 posted 6 years ago by JoshChris
A quick query example for a wordpress database query that gets posts ordered by distance via the custom fields `latitude` and `longitude`.
0 656 posted 7 years ago by JoshChris
Truncates the given string at the specified length.
1 562 posted 9 years ago by JoshChris
Get all custom taxonomies that are attached to posts that have another custom taxonomy. Like fetching all categories that are attached to products that have the brand taxonomy "Nike".
0 568 posted 9 years ago by JoshChris
Genius stuff right here from
1 618 posted 9 years ago by JoshChris
Simple function to include in your script to enable multi-line text-overflow. See the jsfiddle ( for details on the necessary CSS and HTML layout.
0 622 posted 9 years ago by JoshChris
This is some code that creates an effect for jQuery Cycle to scroll up when you click the down button and down when you click the up button - like a scrollbar.
0 611 posted 10 years ago by JoshChris
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