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  1. FAV

    10 Digit String to Phone Format

    Formats a 10-digit phone number into a good format (123) 555-1234
    JavaScript 6 views posted 7 years ago cpres
  2. FAV

    Get HTML from Magento CMS Block

    Adding HTML into custom blocks rather than hard coding makes it so people don't bother us devs to change sheite!
    PHP saved by 1 person 5 views posted 7 years ago cpres
  3. FAV

    Magento Customer Saving Blocked by Phone #

    Annoyed by Please enter a valid phone number. For example (123) 456-7890 or 123-456-7890. in admin? Here's the trick. Copy over your default/default/template/customer/tab/addresses.phtml to your default/your-template/template/customer/tab/address.ph...
    jQuery saved by 4 people 5 views posted 7 years ago cpres
  4. FAV

    Magento Var Dump

    Debugging a quote in magento, get all it's data.
    PHP saved by 1 person 3 views posted 7 years ago cpres
  5. FAV

    JDK7 Netbeans7 Windows 7

    run this as administrator from cmd.exe
    Other 0 views posted 8 years ago cpres
  6. FAV

    Take out decimal for Yen Currency

    Working on an ecommerce site I found out from our Japanese distrubutors that they don't have a decimal for the currency since yen doesn't deal in change. 1 yen is a fraction of a cent anyway! This code looks for the Yen since within a <span></span...
    jQuery 0 views posted 8 years ago cpres
  7. FAV

    PERL & JQuery Product Animation

    This was for a "Sport Landing Page" where people can select their outfits. There is intial intro box that gets cleared on the first selection. The thumbnails popout on hover. And there is a clear function that takes out all the products selected to j...
    jQuery 2 views posted 8 years ago cpres
  8. FAV

    jQuery Popup Setup

    Initializing a popup
    jQuery saved by 1 person 6 views posted 8 years ago cpres
  9. FAV

    XML Feed - Monthly Archives of Wordpress Articles

    In case you need to create your own listing of the last # of trailing months of Archived Wordpress Articles. This one is being used to pull the info onto a Magento page.
    PHP 0 views posted 8 years ago cpres
  10. FAV

    Wordpress - Multiple Post Types in Loop

    add this to functions.php and you won't have to mess with the index page.
    PHP 2 views posted 8 years ago cpres
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