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  1. FAV

    Add a current date to a file

    This is a batch file that will add the date to the end of all files in a particular directory located on the user's desktop and place them in a directory called Output_Renamed on the user's desktop.
    DOS Batch saved by 8 people 17 views posted 7 years ago _reydin_
  2. FAV

    Linux auth.log parser

    This script will parse the auth.log and return results depending on the argument entered. To run the script enter one of the following. ./auth success or ./auth fail
    Bash saved by 1 person 11 views posted 7 years ago _reydin_
  3. FAV

    Linux backup script using rsync and hard-links

    This script will do a daily backup of directories. If the files has not changed then it creates a hard-link to the file. If the file has changed then it will copy the new file. The backup is not much larger than the directories being backed up.
    Bash saved by 4 people 14 views posted 7 years ago _reydin_
  4. FAV

    Validate the date

    This will check the date and if it is not a valid date then it will increment the month and reset the day back to one.
    PHP saved by 1 person 12 views posted 7 years ago _reydin_
  5. FAV

    Php Random String Generator

    This will generate a random alpha numeric string 20 characters long.
    PHP saved by 1 person 21 views posted 7 years ago _reydin_
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