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This function accept one parameter (integer or float) and returns the same number writed with words. Useful for currencies and invoices.
0 769 posted 12 years ago by stz184
This class can log messages to a file. If the log file becomes too large (over 1MB), the class will archive it and will create new. If there are archives older than one month, they will be deleted automatically. In the future versions I will add th...
0 760 posted 13 years ago by stz184
0 575 posted 13 years ago by stz184
Parameters: $array - haystack, $find-value - needle to check for duplicates
1 605 posted 13 years ago by stz184
If the optional parameter $crop is set to TRUE the image will be zoomed and cropped to specific size ($new_size). Else, the image will be resized to size, keeping aspect ratio and using $new_size as max size.
0 618 posted 13 years ago by stz184
Parameters:\r\n- $to - email address to send the mail\r\n- $subject - subject\r\n- $message - message body (HTML allowed)\r\n- $from_name - sender\'s name\r\n- $from_email - sender\'s email\r\n- $reply_to_name = custom, different from $from_name name...
0 863 posted 13 years ago by stz184
This function can be used to sanitize single string variable or massive like POST, GET, COOKIE. It performs magic quotes gpc check, strip tags, trim and escape the dangerous signs with mysql_real_escape_string.
0 680 posted 13 years ago by stz184
This function build page navigation links.\r\nParameters legend:\r\n- $items = total number of rows to be paginated\r\n- $perpage = how many rows to be displayed on a page\r\n- $maxlinks - how much page links to be build and shown for navigation ( <...
0 538 posted 13 years ago by stz184
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