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Wizzlern, a Dutch Drupal trainer, has a Dutch article online on how to remove the "search this site" label in the Drupal search-block.
2 762 posted 14 years ago by berkes
A per-region override. ogt_blocks is ran for a region, if a region contains blocks, we search for a theme function named theme_region_regionname(). If exists, we run that, else we just return the concatenated blocks for that region.
1 761 posted 16 years ago by berkes
Place the first function, phptemplate_links() in your template.php file. Alternatively (and IMO better) is to name the function your_theme_name_links() where your_theme_name is the name of your theme. From here on, you can add theme functions like...
2 755 posted 16 years ago by berkes
Removes the core, and node styles from the $style variable. You most morbably already defined _phptemplate_variables($hook, $vars), in that case just add the two lines there. _sympal_theme.. is the name of the theme where we use this.
3 704 posted 16 years ago by berkes
Shortens a string, and adds a span with a title of the full string. Function is useful for listings where you don't want wraping; or for places where a long string liek a username can break the layout.
1 695 posted 16 years ago by berkes
This snipped adds columnstriping to cells. It works fine for most cases, but will behave strange when combined with colspan. Cells get an additional class 'even-col' or 'odd-col'
2 776 posted 16 years ago by berkes
Put classes around your bodyy, to allow different colors for seperate pages and areas on your site. IT will simply add a css-safe version of the first argument in an url. Say the url is /about_us/our_company the class will be body.about-us Require...
2 626 posted 16 years ago by berkes
This snippet is for use with image module, a small contributed module for image handling. (Yes: in Drupal you need a /contributed/ module for this o_O. The template snippet links the images to their own node.
2 583 posted 17 years ago by berkes
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