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Grab as example for a required image . NOTE: You probably don't want to use this trcik, but rather go for the defacto standard of a red asterisk to mark something required. An asterisk is lang...
1 603 posted 15 years ago by berkes
Removes the core, and node styles from the $style variable. You most morbably already defined _phptemplate_variables($hook, $vars), in that case just add the two lines there. _sympal_theme.. is the name of the theme where we use this.
3 680 posted 16 years ago by berkes
Put classes around your bodyy, to allow different colors for seperate pages and areas on your site. IT will simply add a css-safe version of the first argument in an url. Say the url is /about_us/our_company the class will be body.about-us Require...
2 611 posted 16 years ago by berkes
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