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An easy debug trick: gives you a variable that you can print in any tpl.php to find out what vars you have available there.
1 663 posted 15 years ago by berkes
Add these lines to Drupals settings.php. Probably works on other systems, then Drupal too.
1 662 posted 15 years ago by berkes
Shortens a string, and adds a span with a title of the full string. Function is useful for listings where you don't want wraping; or for places where a long string liek a username can break the layout.
1 600 posted 16 years ago by berkes
Put classes around your bodyy, to allow different colors for seperate pages and areas on your site. IT will simply add a css-safe version of the first argument in an url. Say the url is /about_us/our_company the class will be body.about-us Require...
2 546 posted 16 years ago by berkes
callback in a form alter to enforce an exposed filter to use only the options set in filter. Works for selectlists only.
2 537 posted 16 years ago by berkes
This snippet is for use with image module, a small contributed module for image handling. (Yes: in Drupal you need a /contributed/ module for this o_O. The template snippet links the images to their own node.
2 510 posted 16 years ago by berkes
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