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I had several vocabularies but wanted to merge them into one. A simple query does this for you. The vocabulary_id where I wanted to merge all the tags into is 3 The vocabulary_id where the tags are to be merged from is 7, 8 and 12
2 603 posted 14 years ago by berkes
Takes a .sql file and runs trough that, each line as an update_sql. Very usefull to track and migrate your blocks/views/cck etc changes.
0 633 posted 14 years ago by berkes
Drupal helper function to debug a table. Returns the contents and some explanation of a database table in a rendered format (HTML table). **NOTE** You REALLY do not want to put this function behind any kind of menu_callback and/or on other pages....
1 980 posted 15 years ago by berkes
2 719 posted 17 years ago by berkes
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