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The purpose of this hook method is to help provide a separation of concerns between CSS and JavaScript. Typically class names are used to attach JavaScript to HTML elements. Using a separate data-hook attribute helps to protect the scripting from...
0 474 posted 7 years ago by pmw57
Brendan Eich is working on officially adding Math.TAU to JavaScript. Until JavaScript has full support for the Math.TAU constant, you can add the following at the start of your programs to add support for the TAU constant.
0 366 posted 7 years ago by pmw57
Code from updated so that most jslint issues are resolved, and updated the return to use a guard condition instead of a separate if statement.
1 672 posted 9 years ago by pmw57
Standard hasClass, addClass, and removeClass functions, reworked so that jsLint is happier about them, and fixed the removeClass function so that things are trimmed after removing a class name.
2 646 posted 9 years ago by pmw57
Cleaned up (with the help of versions of cookie handling functions
0 828 posted 11 years ago by pmw57
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