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  1. FAV

    How to Retrieve Email Messages from Server with Paging Support inside .NET Apps

    This technical tip explains how to .NET developers can list email messages with paging support inside their .NET Applications. In scenarios, where the email server contains a large number of messages in mailbox, it is often desired to list or retriev...
    C# 9 views posted 3 years ago by sherazam
  2. FAV

    Math.TAU polyfill

    Brendan Eich is working on officially adding Math.TAU to JavaScript. Until JavaScript has full support for the Math.TAU constant, you can add the following at the start of your programs to add support for the TAU constant.
    JavaScript 6 views posted 5 years ago by pmw57
  3. FAV

    PrestaShop Customer Service and Support Module

    This PrestaShop support module is used to manage ticket system. By using this plugin you can manage customers queries and complaints easily.This add-on allows to your customers to submit tickets with different format attachment files. Admin can also...
    PHP 5 views posted 6 years ago by AlastairBrian
  4. FAV

    Faux HTML5 support for unsupportive browsers.

    Here we have simple javascript HTML5 support.
    JavaScript saved by 3 people 9 views posted 7 years ago by o0110o
  5. FAV


    From http://snipplr.com/view/41051/jscrollpane-ipadiphoneipodios-scoll-support/ here the part of code to add in jScrollPane.js for android,iphone,ipod,ipad support. Add this after :if (isScrollable) { (around line 165)
    jQuery saved by 18 people 9 views posted 9 years ago by Xeldar
  6. FAV

    Database connectivity problems (HUGE)

    Other 1 views posted 10 years ago by tobewan
  7. FAV

    Optimize your server

    Other 3 views posted 10 years ago by tobewan
  8. FAV

    Upgrade Ruby versions

    Other 2 views posted 10 years ago by tobewan
  9. FAV


    please leave comments on my blog. you need awk installed (obviously). Files are stored in the "/tmp/" directory, if you are on windows you might want to change that to the current directory (".").
    MatLab 3 views posted 10 years ago by benjamin
  10. FAV

    CSS Media Type Support

    Test page to check the support of different CSS media types in browsers. If you go into Print Preview, for example, the Print media type should show as "In Use" if it is supported.
    CSS 4 views posted 11 years ago by wizard04
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