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  1. FAV

    Facebook Info on share counts

    This Query allows you to get the number of shares and other data associated with an URL in Json Format.
    Other 3 views posted 7 years ago jhonqwerty
  2. FAV

    Twitter Followers Image List

    A simple script to show a followers list in Wordpress. (It can be used in other places also, you have to change the WP specific variables). The script needs to create a cache file to not overload Twitter API.
    PHP 8 views posted 8 years ago jhonqwerty
  3. FAV

    Wordpress variable title tag

    A simple set of conditions to get dynamic title tags in a wordpress template.
    PHP 0 views posted 9 years ago jhonqwerty
  4. FAV

    Wordpress SQL Replace

    Execute this script to replace old links inside the content of Wordpress posts.
    MySQL 1 views posted 9 years ago jhonqwerty
  5. FAV

    Wordpress single child category link

    Mostrar un link a una subcategoría, dependiendo de la categoría superior. category_parent es igual al id de la categoría superior. Sirve sólo cuando el post tiene una categoría hija de la categoría superior.
    PHP 0 views posted 9 years ago jhonqwerty
  6. FAV

    Youtube ID extractor

    Youtube ID simple extractor
    PHP saved by 4 people 2 views posted 9 years ago jhonqwerty
  7. FAV

    Wordpress the_time() - Spanish Format

    Always forget the correct way of putting this.
    PHP 2 views posted 9 years ago jhonqwerty
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