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This function will detect the orientation (portrait/landscape) of an iOS device and set the body class to either portrait or landscape, as well as providing a global variable for use elsewhere in your JS. If you require multiple classes on your bo...
3 591 posted 10 years ago by iridium
Generates an options list of years for a select box, going from current year backwards through the number of years specified in the first variable. Useful for birthday fields on signup forms. eg. 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 ... 1912, 1911, 1910, 190...
3 621 posted 13 years ago by iridium
Return just the Apache version number of your server, and operating system, from $_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE'] Example: print ('Apache Version: ' . apacheversion()); will return something along the lines of... "Apache Version: 2.2.10 (Unix...
1 1107 posted 13 years ago by iridium
Simple but useful function for getting a single piece of data from a database and placing it straight into a variable. Example: $variable = one_result("SELECT columnOne FROM table WHERE columnTwo=whatever"); This would insert the value of colu...
1 333 posted 13 years ago by iridium
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