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When box sizing is set, the padding, border and margin no longer add onto the total width or height of the element. Instead, they eat into the set width or height. So, if you have a box whose width is set to 300px, and padding set to 10px, then the t...
1 358 posted 8 years ago by bmayzure
Cross-browser roll link effect in CSS3. Works in IE 10+, Webkit (Chrome/Safari/etc), Opera, Gecko (Firefox/Seamonkey/etc). Degrades nicely for unsupported browsers.
0 344 posted 8 years ago by bmayzure
A simple CSS3 link-color transition effect. Fades from the base color to the active/focus color and back on rollover. A nice little added effect that's pretty well cross browser. Works with Webkit (Chrome/Safari/etc), Opera, Gecko (Firefox/Seamonkey/...
1 408 posted 8 years ago by bmayzure
I've been using this little gem of a snippet for a few years, and it's never failed me.
1 306 posted 13 years ago by bmayzure
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