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Just a snippet I like; this can be called on GotFocus or LostFocus of a field, and it *attempts* to set the input language to the desired language.
0 608 posted 11 years ago by Winkyboy
Although I realize one should be able to filter a store to remove unwanted items in the list, this allows the list items through and just hides them via CSS.
0 729 posted 12 years ago by Winkyboy
syntax: roundToNearest(45, YourValueHere);
1 706 posted 13 years ago by Winkyboy
This is the most simple example of a ComboBox created in AS3, based mostly on Adobe's example from Inside the zip file you will find two...
0 1561 posted 14 years ago by Winkyboy
Paste this into your AS file to add focus and blur events to your text/form fields. If your field contains YOUR DEFAULT MESSAGE when focus is brought to it, it will erase itself, to be ready for text entry. If focus is lost while the field is complet...
0 812 posted 14 years ago by Winkyboy
The source below is the function from the website with the corrected regular expression found in the site's comments. This is a nigh-one-line function for validating a string as an email address.
4 1063 posted 14 years ago by Winkyboy
This is an AS3 version of the banner template I created a while back in AS2. The code has been placed in the accompanying file, with the exception of a little bit of code within the dynamically-centering button you'll see placed on the stag...
0 748 posted 14 years ago by Winkyboy
This can be used instead of "trace" to populate a text field in addition to the standard trace output. The textfield stays hidden until a selected key combination is pressed, thus allowing you to use it in a staging or, if need be, a production envir...
0 850 posted 14 years ago by Winkyboy
Fairly simple, cross-browser way to rotate text using only CSS.
0 704 posted 14 years ago by Winkyboy
An empty FLA to be repurposed for creating other banners of varying size. Clickable area is resized automatically to fit the stage size, and a sample button with rollover states is included. Looping and loop delay are set according to actionscript v...
0 918 posted 14 years ago by Winkyboy
An ActionScript3 video player placed on the stage, configurable by FlashVars. It displays a spinning loader until the video loads. Also see for another AS3 video code template Read about AS3 video in this in-depth t...
0 844 posted 14 years ago by Winkyboy
A dynamic text field doesn't like to be set to bold (or italic, whatever). You can get around this issue by creating a text format in actionscript and setting that field's format to this newly-created one. This is only good for having a text field...
1 1052 posted 15 years ago by Winkyboy
I copied this from my working example and tweaked some lines to make it generic. Thus there MAY be a typo which I haven't checked for, but probably not. This is what's needed to have something change upon selection of an item in a ComboBox.
0 866 posted 15 years ago by Winkyboy
This is a CS3/AS2 Flash file containing a simple particle system. It requires the use of MC Tween (
0 721 posted 15 years ago by Winkyboy
Shown in the source are the actual code, shorthand of the code, and Steven Sacks' simple-but-sweet rendition of getURL done in AS3, which requires the downloadable class from his site.
3 1875 posted 15 years ago by Winkyboy
Because onDragOver in AS2 doesn't really work, here is some script for actually detecting whether the mouse button is held down when rolling over something. NOTE that for ideal usage, you will have to write some actual collision detection between th...
0 612 posted 15 years ago by Winkyboy
This function takes a string containing a date in "mm/dd/yyyy" or "m/d/yyyy" format and converts it to a date object in AS2.
0 1028 posted 15 years ago by Winkyboy
Usage: onmouseout='if (isMouseLeaveOrEnter(event, this)) YourActionHere();' onmouseover='if (isMouseLeaveOrEnter(event, this)) YourOtherActionHere();'
1 755 posted 16 years ago by Winkyboy
I'm not sure where this comes from, although it looks official. It's easy to implement, but to change the height of the scrollbar you have to delve into the developer assets folder within the FLA.
1 714 posted 16 years ago by Winkyboy
Also see the automagic column builder on this page. YOU NEED THIS FILE TOO! Place it in the subfolder, "css/".
4 912 posted 16 years ago by Winkyboy
Set different values for an element based on browser (specifically, how the browser interprets the CSS). Definitions must be in order as shown below because newer definitions override existing. The first setting will apply to all browsers. The...
3 890 posted 16 years ago by Winkyboy
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