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You can use TSQL to Count Number Of Stored Procedures, Views, Tables or Functions in a Database by using the Database INFORMATION_SCHEMA view
0 4413 posted 12 years ago by Mithun
his set of Javascript functions trim or remove whitespace from the ends of strings. These functions can be stand-alone or attached as methods of the String object. They can left trim, right trim, or trim from both sides of the string. Rather than usi...
2 672 posted 14 years ago by Mithun
Using svnadmin hotcopy doesn’t require any server downtime, completes in minutes, and replicates server configuration and hook scripts.
1 673 posted 14 years ago by Mithun
This code will create a human readable string that will look more close to dictionary words, useful for captchas.
3 730 posted 14 years ago by Mithun
This function converts URLs and e-mail addresses within a string into clickable hyperlinks.
2 732 posted 14 years ago by Mithun
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