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With this snippet you will have the ability to display the `<DOCTYPE>` while sending the correct headers with support for content type negotiation. It also will correct itself for the W3C validator which does not send the correct Accept header for...
0 6968 posted 3 years ago by daemondevin
Convert easily XML File or String to Associative Array in PHP
0 855 posted 7 years ago by kavikms
If you syndicate your content with an RSS feed it can help to drive additional traffic to the content pages.
0 658 posted 7 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
Mail merge allows you to produce document (potentially large numbers of documents) from a single template and a structured data source. The letter may be sent out to many recipients with small changes, such as a change of address or a change in the g...
0 824 posted 9 years ago by johansonkatherine
This snippet is a lambda function (anonymous function) to create an xml from an array. It uses recursiveness.
1 633 posted 10 years ago by abrahamsustaita
This code shows how to parse XML file in easy way using PHP.
0 604 posted 10 years ago by apphp-snippets
For some reason tidy inserts new lines before/after <![CDATA[ content in XML files. Since I like the benefits of a reformatted, readable XML... ... i run tidy first, then remove the spaces before/after the CDATA block:
0 601 posted 10 years ago by iroybot
A simple code to read/write an XML file by using Cakephp 1.3.
0 619 posted 10 years ago by tucq88
Open PHP file and enter User Credentials for localhost. The default dates are set to negotiate the 2011 season, but change the date variables to match your desired season data. The start date should be the day before opening day, and the end date t...
0 557 posted 11 years ago by wa-rufio
Snippet for getting the layout handles in Magento on each request, helpful for front-end developers.
1 585 posted 11 years ago by zoranmk
Snippet for logging down all of the layout updates loaded on each request in Magento.
1 627 posted 11 years ago by zoranmk
0 1341 posted 11 years ago by focal55
Checks for image files in directory and creates a XML file of the contents
0 564 posted 11 years ago by Don_Jarmo
A simple script to show a followers list in Wordpress. (It can be used in other places also, you have to change the WP specific variables). The script needs to create a cache file to not overload Twitter API.
0 543 posted 11 years ago by jhonqwerty
0 342 posted 11 years ago by stur
In case you need to create your own listing of the last # of trailing months of Archived Wordpress Articles. This one is being used to pull the info onto a Magento page.
0 508 posted 11 years ago by cpres
It’s been driving me crazy that there’s no definitive script written to take out a user’s Flickr recent photos and parse it for formatting into HTML with a larger size than the standard 75 x 75 dimensions that the public_photo.gne Flickr script...
1 612 posted 11 years ago by jakekimpton
the link explains how the XML is generated.
1 493 posted 12 years ago by iroybot
1 433 posted 12 years ago by mchadwick
I'm using this out of laziness. PHP is slowing things down here, since it's not as close to C as XPath. A better solution would be to have an attribute specifically for search purposes (either in upper or lowercase).
0 475 posted 12 years ago by iroybot
0 450 posted 12 years ago by hejaaa
For instance when you want to leverage the JElements in a admin view form...
0 522 posted 12 years ago by harikaram
0 354 posted 12 years ago by newsok
I’ve recently had to parse some pretty large XML documents, and needed a method to read one element at a time. Here’s a fairly simple solution in PHP.
0 1161 posted 12 years ago by dom111
0 457 posted 12 years ago by adampatterson
Simple piece of PHP to get the contents of a specified tag from an XML file and return it
3 983 posted 12 years ago by ollie101
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