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When injecting via jQuery HTML content which contains script tags referencing external scripts, which are then referenced via scripting elsewhere in the injected HTML, some browsers (Chrome) will not wait for the external scripts to load causing the...
2 772 posted 12 years ago by harikaram
For instance when you want to leverage the JElements in a admin view form...
0 573 posted 12 years ago by harikaram
Say you want to run content plugins on JDocumentRAW content (like in a component that returns JSON data). Some methods in JDocumentHTML like "addCustomTag" will cause the app to fail on JDocumentRAW doc types which don't have this method. Thus you...
0 639 posted 12 years ago by harikaram
File: /template/[mytemplate]/html/com_content/category/blog.php page...
0 494 posted 12 years ago by harikaram
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