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0 385 posted 13 years ago by metoikos
and check out http://code.google.com/chrome/chromeframe/developers_guide.html#Detecting_Google_Chrome_Frame
0 455 posted 13 years ago by mware1205
IE adds a vertical scrollbar to textarea input fields regardless of the height of content in it. You can fix that with this simple CSS trick.
2 528 posted 13 years ago by paulgrenwood
XHTML 1.0 Strict deprecates the use of iframes in favor of objects. While this has gotten a lot of flack, iframes were never truly a part of HTML, just a proprietary element in Internet Explorer that eventually got universal support. Objects are a mo...
0 575 posted 13 years ago by chrisdpratt
I grabbed this code from here in order to make IE 8 behave like IE 7 for me. It sure is a heck of a lot easier than going back through all the CSS on every site I've ever done. Just drop it in the header, hopefully you have a header include.
4 516 posted 13 years ago by takonia
2 589 posted 13 years ago by PeteW
Now you can write IE specific styles in a regular stylesheet, by prefacing the CSS selectors with body.ie
2 522 posted 13 years ago by jessibird
A wrapper may be made to enclose the content of a page, and then you can write descendant CSS rules that mention that wrapper's ID or class name in the selector. But what if only IE thought that wrapper existed? Then those rules would only work for I...
4 536 posted 13 years ago by Meander365
0 426 posted 13 years ago by rickfu
*IE7 sometimes complains that a JavaScript script is running too slow and asks the user whether they want to terminate it or continue. *To get rid of this annoying popup a few changes need to be made to the registry. *ref: http://www.itwriting.com...
0 507 posted 13 years ago by stoyan
how to link ie only stylesheets and stylesheets by generation of ie
2 536 posted 13 years ago by thesmu
Fixes and fallbacks for IE for [my reset stylesheet](http://snipplr.com/view/16353/ "DzR Full CSS Reset"). Actually two separate stylesheets: one for IE in general and one for IE6 specifically. [Part I](http://snipplr.com/view/16353/ "DzR Maste...
0 445 posted 13 years ago by wizard04
Memory leakage in IE6/7 if the event handlers are not purged before deleting an element.
0 480 posted 13 years ago by iTony
1 425 posted 13 years ago by martinlucas
Assign this class to any element that needs to have layout (hasLayout=true) and it will get it. ...with the style placed inside IE conditional comments, it will be ignored by the validator, which removes the only obstacle to using zoom:1 - which has...
2 439 posted 14 years ago by jessibird
you can use this function for ie javascript bug. Ä°t is switchin display with javascript
0 468 posted 14 years ago by Thresh
Min-height of an element that works in all browsers.
2 509 posted 14 years ago by avantsi
Thanks to perishablepress.com for this. Below is an example for ie6 max-height. From their site: "This method has been verified in IE6 and should also work in IE5. Simply change the values to suit your needs (code commented with explanatory notes...
1 578 posted 14 years ago by charmcitycoder
2 473 posted 14 years ago by jadedbat
To remove that ugly added padding from submit buttons try this width:auto !important; seems to work for IE7
2 710 posted 14 years ago by localhorst
A little bit of browser detection and some functions to get the viewport height and width, crossbrowser.
1 1013 posted 14 years ago by ShiftyP
Uses JScript
0 483 posted 14 years ago by deepdown
There are several fixes out there that work in different ways, but none of them are perfect (especially regarding background images). Here's a list of the ones I've found that work reasonably well—try them out to find one that works for your w...
0 402 posted 14 years ago by wizard04
0 408 posted 14 years ago by sveggiani
If you've ever been frustrated at fixing multiple double margin / duplicate character bugs in your page, using this handy jQuery snippit, you can wipe them away instantly! This code requires the latest version of jQuery.
3 703 posted 14 years ago by haxd
Developed as part of my DCODR experiments...
0 433 posted 14 years ago by optimal
1 419 posted 14 years ago by archlight
Fortunately there are a couple of workarounds which are also explained in this article at Position Is Everything:
1 342 posted 14 years ago by dvdrtrgn