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Displays HTML list as a gramatically correct English sentence. \r\n\r\nFor example\r\n\r\n<ul class=\"commaList\">\r\n <li>one</li>\r\n <li>two</li>\r\n <li>three</li>\r\n <li>four</li>\r\n</ul...
1 495 posted 13 years ago by PeteW
Summarised snippet of Natbat's article: Any link that that initiates an action, rather than just changing a page should semantically be a form with a submit button not a l ink. However you ca...
3 956 posted 14 years ago by PeteW
2 521 posted 14 years ago by PeteW
2 707 posted 14 years ago by PeteW
Nice clean, and semantically correct breadcrumb XHTML accompanied by the CSS. Create a transparent GIF of the symbol '>' and save it in /img/gt.gif. This will be used for older browsers that don't support the :after pseudo element.
4 610 posted 14 years ago by PeteW
A simple replacement for print_r or whatever you use to display debug info.
2 578 posted 14 years ago by PeteW
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