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Change \"wp\" to your database prefix. Note, this is the quick and dirty way. The more thorough way, which will also clean any tags or categories that are now unused, is here:
2 437 posted 12 years ago by jessibird
I made my own modifications to this.
1 616 posted 13 years ago by jessibird
Just run the following query on your WordPress database, and all revisions (As well as meta associated with it) will be deleted from your database.
2 563 posted 13 years ago by jessibird
Now you can write IE specific styles in a regular stylesheet, by prefacing the CSS selectors with
2 591 posted 14 years ago by jessibird
Sometimes you can't use an image button, you have to use a submit button, but you still want to hide the text and show an image instead. The width and height can be changed, of course. The point is that they are specified. Display:block is need...
1 1434 posted 14 years ago by jessibird
Template Tag body_class The coming WordPress 2.8 provides a new Template Tag, body_class. This function gives the body element different classes, which gives you the possibility to use it effectively with CSS.
3 399 posted 14 years ago by jessibird
Assign this class to any element that needs to have layout (hasLayout=true) and it will get it. ...with the style placed inside IE conditional comments, it will be ignored by the validator, which removes the only obstacle to using zoom:1 - which has...
2 476 posted 14 years ago by jessibird
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