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Removing extensions and trailing slashes in web urls: "If you want to remove the .html extension from a html file for example to you simply have to alter the last line from the code above to match...
0 833 posted 8 years ago by jefferis
This rewrite will not work on WordPress. It forces .htm and .html files that no longer exist to go to the new .php versions of the pages.
0 1071 posted 8 years ago by jefferis
Unlike linked style sheets, it is necessary to enclose CSS in Headers in a "style type". This example media query is for screens under 1024 (tablets and phones) to make sure the images do not extend beyond the layout.
0 909 posted 9 years ago by jefferis
allows image to scale to fit mobile windows.
0 638 posted 9 years ago by jefferis
make images auto scale for mobile phones
1 670 posted 10 years ago by jefferis
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