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Create a UIButton programatically
1 229 posted 8 years ago by zopebie
The UISegmentedControl consists of a horizontal control divided into segments. Segmented controls are useful for allowing users to pick from a group or set of values. Each segment functions as its own button. By default, selecting a segment will d...
1 268 posted 8 years ago by zopebie
When performing tasks that may take some time, you often need to provide some kind of visual feedback to your users. If you know how long the task will take to complete, you can use a progress indicator to show the user how much of the task has been...
1 168 posted 8 years ago by zopebie
Reference: http://iosfonts.com/
1 353 posted 8 years ago by zopebie
A sample code to show the scrolling, panning and zooming with UIScrollView
1 355 posted 8 years ago by zopebie
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