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A very concise ruby on rails helper method that converts seconds into human readable format. It will not display any time periods that have 0 (ie: 1 hour 13 seconds - skipping minutes as there were none) Due to complexity, months were not factored...
0 1213 posted 9 years ago by uberdragon
A quick function that makes it easy to convert an integer into a number string with commas inserted.
0 542 posted 10 years ago by uberdragon
Usage: var a = ['a','a','a']; var b = a.AllValuesSame(): //true var a ['1','1','2']; var b = a.AllValuesSame(); //false
0 1684 posted 10 years ago by uberdragon
This will calculate the ticks for google charts so that you can have a chart with a defined height, and still represent large data ranges with out all the vertical information getting bunched up together.
0 488 posted 10 years ago by uberdragon
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