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Function to validate the existence of each key in the object to get the number of valid key/value pairs.
0 545 posted 11 years ago by reverend
Will produce output like this: <html> ... </html> <html> ... </html> Target in CSS like this: html[data-useragent*='Chrome/13.0'] .nav {background:url(img/radial_grad.png) center bottom no-repeat;} or html[data-useragent*=...
0 726 posted 12 years ago by reverend
0 403 posted 12 years ago by reverend
Execute function / action when an element has loaded or clicked. Originally seen here:
0 526 posted 12 years ago by reverend
Include drupal 5 mission statement in views or other php enabled sections(i.e.: Views Header, etc.).
1 384 posted 14 years ago by reverend
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