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You ever hear of the Seattle Seven? That was me.

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Well almost ;) This should really cover most any browser out there. If no HTML5 support will fall back to flash, so for this example Flowplayer is required, but any flash video would work. also FP will play many different formats not just flv.
5 103 posted 9 years ago by myke
Simply pass in array name and the value of the item you want to remove
1 112 posted 9 years ago by myke
example I used to create a auto suggest search from that pulls from a database. The example pulls from a single db table containing categories. Using jQueryUI made this pretty painless but by default the autocomplete feature uses GET variables and...
4 140 posted 9 years ago by myke
Old school or simple way of querying data without a DAL.
1 92 posted 9 years ago by myke
To exclude pages from wordpress search results include the following in your theme's functions.php
0 56 posted 9 years ago by myke
Used these styles to comply with default wordpress WYSIWYG class names
0 61 posted 9 years ago by myke
You will need to add “define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);” in your wp-config.php to make the multisite function accessible. If you want to copy paste, use the code block below:
0 74 posted 9 years ago by myke
run as callback from form_validation->setrules ex: $this->form_validation->set_rules('cc_number','Credit Card #','required|max_length[20]|callback_alpha_dash_space');
0 77 posted 10 years ago by myke
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