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Web developer, jQuery plugin author, social media fan and blogger at http://www.MoreTechTips.net , Also tweets at http://twitter.com/mike_more

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A new version of my most popular jQuery plugin -Twitter Friends widget. This version aims to be better looking and easier to setup.
1 592 posted 11 years ago by mikemore
As of my ongoing preparation for the 1K tweet :) I was interested to see the 1000th tweet from some friends timeline. And when I didn't find an existing method, I thought I could write few jQuery lines to solve this..
1 672 posted 12 years ago by mikemore
Simple jQuery script to display Twitter trending stories of your website and their Twitter trackbacks by combining 2 of my jQuery plugins - Popular on Twitter Widget & Twitter Trackbacks Widget. [Read more](http://www.moretechtips.net/2010/10/combin...
1 412 posted 12 years ago by mikemore
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