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For some reason tidy inserts new lines before/after <![CDATA[ content in XML files. Since I like the benefits of a reformatted, readable XML... ... i run tidy first, then remove the spaces before/after the CDATA block:
0 688 posted 10 years ago by iroybot
the link explains how the XML is generated.
1 546 posted 12 years ago by iroybot
I'm using this out of laziness. PHP is slowing things down here, since it's not as close to C as XPath. A better solution would be to have an attribute specifically for search purposes (either in upper or lowercase).
0 518 posted 12 years ago by iroybot
an example on how to build xml of a Zend_Form for XSLT use
0 552 posted 12 years ago by iroybot
0 636 posted 12 years ago by iroybot
the LIBXML parameter is what this snippet is about. Also this is one way to retrieve XML without having a XML-declaration prepended <?xml>
1 551 posted 13 years ago by iroybot
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