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no need for Lorem ipsum if you can insert something that makes more sense and even helps you address more HTML elements with the CSS you're about to write.
1 552 posted 13 years ago by iroybot
Transform text (eg. from a WYSIWYG) into nicely formatted HTML paragraphs. (Credits: Ludo Magnocavallo's LightPress). [this is a solid starting point - but a lot of HTML elements are missing]
3 419 posted 14 years ago by iroybot
You can use this as a starting point when integrating XStandard in your CMS. There are 3 licensing options for XStandard: free Lite Version, Open Source CMS Partner License & Pro Version. (btw: XStandard produces 100% valid markup against XHTML 1.1...
1 547 posted 14 years ago by iroybot
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