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The word “cyberhobo” is an attempt to invent the kind of web developer I want to be: flexible, enthusiastic, mobile, savvy, unconventional, freedom-loving, honest, and determined to keep things simple. You may be able to benefit from my efforts to become a cyberhobo. If you’re a Geo Mashup user, you already have.

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Geo Mashup contextual maps display the results of a WordPress query, so they can be very useful in combination with the WordPress `query_posts` function. This example maps post with an example tag, but any call to `query_posts` could be substituted....
0 703 posted 13 years ago by cyberhobo
This template code will work only in the WordPress Loop to include a map if the Geo Mashup plugin is active and the current post has a location.
0 712 posted 14 years ago by cyberhobo
Use this code in a WordPress template with the Geo Mashup plugin (see URL) to include a global map within a post or page, centered on that post or page's location, with marker highlighted.
0 574 posted 14 years ago by cyberhobo
This makes template code that applies to children of a particular page much more readable, especially if you can use a page path instead of an ID: `if ( is_child_of( 'topic/subtopic' ) ) :`.
1 731 posted 14 years ago by cyberhobo
I just noticed in Firefox 3.5.2 that setting `disabled = true` for a focused text input seems to make it impossible to re-focus after setting `disabled = false`. The solution is to blur it before disabling.
0 1115 posted 14 years ago by cyberhobo
Found at the source link - stealing and indexing :)
2 629 posted 14 years ago by cyberhobo
Usually use in a template with `in_category()`, like `if ( in_category( 3 ) || in_subcategory( 3 ) ) { ...`. Tested in WP 2.8.4.
1 645 posted 14 years ago by cyberhobo
Sometimes I want simple tabs without all the packaging of jQuery UI with a theme. This does the job with just jQuery 1.2.6, and should work with later versions.
3 857 posted 14 years ago by cyberhobo
Get the ID of the root (oldest ancestor, parent without parents) page relative to the current page in a WordPress page template. Can be helpful for use with wp\_list\_pages() to create navigation markup.
1 918 posted 14 years ago by cyberhobo
Select the first and last item in an unordered list. As an example, I add a CSS class to each. In WordPress, it's not so easy to get wp\_list\_pages() to generate these classes. jQuery provides an easy out for javascript-enabled clients.
0 849 posted 14 years ago by cyberhobo
There's no has\_children() function in WP 2.8.4, but get\_children() returns false if the post/page has no children, so it can serve the same purpose in a page template. Outside a page template you'd have to add a global declaration for the $post...
2 660 posted 14 years ago by cyberhobo
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